About Us


JuansTEC is a Web Development Agency and IT consulting company founded on 2009. Since then JuansTEC has evolved with the market focusing on delivering high-quality solutions for our clients. In 2015 JuansTEC keeps growing by creating the Photography Division.


Our Personnel


Our highly skilled personnel has worked with high-tech companies providing them with state-of-the-art solutions for their business needs.

Also our personnel has worked with Pharmaceutical companies helping them built their brand and developing web sites for their products, following FDA regulations and with minimun turn-around times.




JuansTEC seeks to be leader in the development of high-quality solutions through excellence.




JuansTEC is dedicated to provide consulting and developing high quality solutions for each client specific needs through a personalized analysis and advanced technology.


Shared Values


Effectiveness: Finding a balance between an effective and efficient solution.

Integrity: Providing honesty, respect and discipline.

Innovation: Developing new technologies to provide effective solutions.

Quality: Providing all projects the same treatment: high integrity, effectiveness and innovation.

Contact Us

+1 (786) 4635590